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Use Credible Research To Protect Your Organization From Sophisticated Cybersecurity Attacks.

LOGIIC funds, conducts and publishes cutting-edge cybersecurity research into the critical needs areas of oil & gas industries so they can take a strategic approach to mitigate vulnerabilities.

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Create Better Defense Strategies

The Oil and Gas industry faces an exponentially increasing number of vulnerabilities to cybersecurity attacks with each passing day. LOGIIC is a consortium that regularly researches these weaknesses in automation, and publishes the reports publicly after removing private/sensitive data from their reports. Organizations use this research to protect themselves against existing threats and to counterattack new ones.


Our work ranges from multi-year research projects to compact studies that provide rapid analysis and recommendations about specific cybersecurity questions.

Establish standards and practices for elevating operational resilience.

LOGIIC is a consortium hosted by the International Society of Automation (ISA), the publisher of the world's most complete industrial cybersecurity standards (ISA/IEC 62443). For 17 years, LOGIIC has funded research on cybersecurity vulnerabilities in O&G automation systems. LOGIIC actively engages the leading operators of global energy infrastructure to provide scientific and technical guidance for LOGIIC members and the industry at large.

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Credible Research

We engage with highly respected subject matter experts, including the world's top five oil and gas companies.

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Tested and Proven

When stakeholders make long-term decisions, they want to be confident the data they base their decisions on is accurate. Our multi-year research projects offer a high degree of confidence.

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We Are Leaders in Vanguard Research

Our research informs standard-setting organizations, policymakers, and control systems cybersecurity practitioners around the world.

Featured Project

Project 12, Safety Instrumentation and Management

This technical report highlights numerous consequential and recurring exploitable weaknesses found and provides a roadmap for short, mid, and long-term risk mitigations.

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While it's impossible to eliminate all risk, there are steps organizations can take to minimize their exposure.