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LOGIIC is an expert partner for oil and gas companies. Our global connections and relationships with industry leaders give us unique insights into cybersecurity vulnerabilities and safeguards.

What Does LOGIIC
Membership Look Like

We know what’s at stake when systems are compromised. Backed by 17 years of research in cybersecurity for oil and gas automation systems, we provide scientific and technical guidance that keeps your business and data secure.


Benefits of Membership

  • Collaborate

    Work together with public and private sector partners in an open and collaborative forum

  • Lead and learn

    Contribute your company’s unique insights and hear firsthand about the best practices and lessons learned by others

  • Out in front

    Demonstrate your company’s thought leadership in industry-leading projects that advance critical infrastructure cybersecurity measures

  • Global reach

    LOGIIC is one team, working the world over to improve OT cybersecurity in the oil and gas sector. 

Become a Member

Partner with us to leverage leading experts, proven solutions and the latest research in oil and gas cybersecurity.